Tips for choosing a Power Bank | How to choose power bank | buy power bank

Tips for choosing a Power Bank | How to choose power bank | buy power bank

Power bank

As we said earlier, there are many kinds of external batteries on the market. However, like other accessories, there are good qualities and others extremely bad. It is therefore essential to pay attention when buying and opt for a power bank adapted to your needs.

Among the essential criteria, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the battery which is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). The greater the value of the latter, the better. For example, a power bank of 3,000 mAh will only be able to help you once a day. While a model of 15,000 mAh power bank, you will recharge a smartphone up to 6 times. You must also consider the device (s) you use to satisfy their energy needs
Then, as power banks are essentially emergency accessories, it is important to ensure that it is compact and lightweight. In this way, you can take it everywhere. There are also models equipped with anti-shock protectors, resistant to water and dust, for the more adventurous (or clumsy).
If you are planning to buy an external battery, do not be tempted by an attractive price. Because you risk falling on a counterfeit, or on a device with design flaws. This may be dangerous for you and those around you. As a result, preferred brand and quality models, for a durable and efficient device.
In addition, you must clearly define your needs. Do you simply need a backup battery or a multifunctional accessory? Indeed, there are power banks that can be used as an LED lamp, SD card reader, keychain, speaker, etc. Some models also have the advantage of being able to charge two devices at a time.

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