What should you take into account when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

What should you take into account when buying a Bluetooth speaker?

There are many advantages that Bluetooth speakers have, since with them you can listen to music with a more than acceptable quality and, in addition, it is not necessary to use any cable to establish communication with the sound source and, all this, allows you to enjoy music anywhere from disparate devices such as mobile phones or laptops.

The truth is that more users are considering the purchase of a model of this type, for the reasons listed above, and with the arrival of Christmas is a good time to know what should not be missing in one of these devices to be sure that you buy a quality model and, also, with maximum utility.

The first thing is to be sure of the Bluetooth version that the speaker has since it is recommended that it be at least 2.1 + EDR (although the ideal would be 4.0 and, even, LE of low consumption). And, in addition, we must add to this compatibility with A2DP that ensures a stereo sound without problems. By the way, at present, it is a very good idea that the speaker is compatible with NFC, especially if it is going to be used with Android devices since the pairing is much faster and easier.

Other important features

The truth is that there are several paragraphs that can be treated, but in this article, we will mention the most important and that should be considered as essential. For example, the inclusion of a rechargeable battery is basic, since otherwise, you can not use the Bluetooth speakers anywhere. Obviously the greater a load of this (measured in mAh) the better, but a minimum of eight hours of autonomy is appropriate. Also, it is not a bad idea to know the recharge time, since some models are excessively slow.

Although the management of reproductions is ideally done from the source of the sound, such as a mobile phone, which the speaker has a few basic buttons is essential to avoid problems and, in addition, to use non-Bluetooth devices (usually using the 3.5 mm Jack connection). That is to say, that the ignition, volume, control of tracks and, also, the activation of wireless communication must be present for the accessory to be complete.

There are two additional issues that must be taken into account. The first is that the load connection is as standard as possible. For example, if you have a mobile terminal with Android, the ideal is that the speaker has a micro-USB connection (if the device is from Apple, you should check this too) and, in this way, with the same charger as the phone or tablet can do the same with the speaker. The second one is about the design, and we are not referring to the lines. We must ensure that this is good to withstand outdoor use, it is certainly not easy to find a water-resistant model, but you have to check the protection of the buttons and the finish against possible blows (in addition, the “Bluetooth speakers” must be protected by plastic or fabric on the outside.

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The sound, there is a minimum required

Obviously, these accessories emit sound, and it is important that what they offer meets a minimum so that the quality is appropriate and you do not have the feeling that you are facing a “box of sardines” that sounds. There are models of all types, with one or two internal Bluetooth speakers -which may be of adequate quality in both cases-, but the essence that all of them must always comply with is the following: in terms of power, the ideal is that it is superior to 85 dB, since otherwise, the volume will not be good outdoors. In the section of the frequency range it must be between 60 and 20,000 Hz and, finally, the impedance of 4 Ohms is sufficient.

If all this is fulfilled, and the weight is reduced, you will have Bluetooth speakers that work great, with adequate compatibility, sound more than correct and minimal options to be used anywhere with mobile phones or tablets.

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