What is a Power Bank and how does it work? | How do Power banks work?

What is a Power Bank and how does it work? | How do Power banks work?

Power bank is a portable external battery that is used to charge different electronic devices through a cable that has a USB connection. (Smartphone phones, phones, tablets, iPod players, portable game consoles, eBooks …). .

Lithium polymer power bank

The lithium polymer power bank is external batteries lighter than a lithium power bank. They have a greater storage capacity; they are more stable because they lose less energy in the charging process.

How do Power banks work?

How is a Power bank charged?

The Power bank charges its energy by connecting it via a USB cable (Input 5V) to a power source: desktop computer, laptop computer or directly in the electric current by means of a power transformer.

How do I load an electronic device with a Power bank?

Once we have the Power bank loaded, we will connect it to the mobile device that we want to charge, through a Micros connection (Output 5V).

The charging speed will vary depending on the Power bank’s own power and the type of output that the Power bank is equipped with: It can be output 1A or 2.1A.

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