Do you know how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker?

Do you know how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker?

Today we will discuss how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker? There are so many features that you have to take into account, that it can be difficult to select the best models. It is clear that everyone will have their own needs, so check well the list of bluetooth speaker we have prepared knowing that among its main features you can find:

What is Bluetooth speaker?

The ideal wireless protocol for listening to music is Bluetooth (for many). Its emission range is usually about 10, 15 meters and practically all modern devices such as tablets, computers or smartphones have a Bluetooth chip, and the good thing about Bluetooth is that it does not require a network connection, which means that it will work almost 100% of the time It is extremely easy to use, and in just a few seconds you will have your music playing throughout the room.

Bluetooth transmission quality: virtually indistinguishable from streaming via WIFI. The quality in its latest versions is really good, and if we add the aptx codec and other improvements, the sound quality equals that of a CD. You have to look for Bluetooth 4 or higher. Bluetooth 5 is the latest standard: it greatly improves the speed and range of data transmission (still not seen in the speakers).

NFC (Near Field Communication): protocol that makes our lives easier when connecting our devices to the Bluetooth speaker.

Water resistance: many models are designed to be worn outdoors, and in many cases, they are water resistant. You have to look for the degree of IP protection to know if they can only get wet a little or if they resist splashing.

Frequency response: The frequency response is measured in a unit of half called Hertz and can go, for example from 100Hz to 20,000Hz. The wider the range, the better the audio will play. The bass is usually heard around 20Hz to 250Hz. Voices and other instruments such as the guitar range from 250Hz to 4000Hz (midrange). The rest of the frequencies (up to 20,000Hz) are called Treble.

Drivers: They have to be of a reasonable size so that the music is heard well. The most common portable Bluetooth speakers usually have a 40mm driver. If we want something bigger, the size of the speaker will start to grow. It also influences the placement of drivers and their number. The smallest speakers only have one. At least, if we want a well-balanced sound, the speaker should have 2 drivers. As there is not much room within a portable Bluetooth speaker for a woofer, many manufacturers place passive radiators on their speakers to produce bass.

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App for mobile phones and tablets: many speaker manufacturers include an app for smartphones and tablets that allows us to control the sound and the connection with the Bluetooth speaker. It is not essential, but it helps a lot when it comes to managing the device.

Intelligent speakers? Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant are increasingly fashionable … they are perfect speakers for the home: you can control all kinds of smart devices such as light bulbs, thermostats etc … and answer all your questions. They have to be connected to the internet constantly and connected to the electricity network, so portability is reduced to being able to move them from room to house with ease. We talk about them at the end of the article.Buy bluetooth speaker now.

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Do you know how to choose a good Bluetooth speaker?

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